Arming the world with global decentralized credit and investments.

2 Billion People Worldwide Cannot Access Fair Credit

% of adults without savings at a financial institution (2014)

  • 81-100%
  • 71-80%
  • 51-70%

These Countries are Dominated by Loan Sharks

The only loans available are absurdly expensive

For example in Mexico:

  • Secured loans @ 40% interest/yr with 3x Collateral
  • Unsecured microloans @ 3000% interest/yr

The Fundary Vision

  • We dream of a world in which technology allows efficiencies in banking, and those savings are passed on to the communal benefit of all.
  • A world with complete financial inclusion allowing every person on the planet access to fair credit.
  • A world with global, decentralized credit, giving the middle class around the world access to high yield investments.

Fundary allows people without a credit history to get their first loans

It does so by introducing a key new actor to the p2p lending scene, the Fundary Ambassador.

The Fundary Ambassador originates and insures loans for borrowers without a credit history, allowing exponential growth in adoption.

Fundary Ambassadors

Users can supplement or replace their income by becoming Fundary Ambassadors. Only Ambassadors can:

Insure loans

Access unique rewards and events

Issue Prepaid Fundary Debit cards to users.

Ambassadors Mitigate Risks for Lenders

Ambassadors are incentivized to make sure borrowers they originate NEVER DEFAULT.

Lenders can also lend based on an ambassador’s history and distribute their risk across the ambassador’s network, instead of just doing 1:1 loans.

Types of Ambassadors

Casual Ambassadors supplement their income by selling to their trusted network.

Small Business Ambassadors use Fundary to originate loans for their customers to finance the purchase of products from their retail locations.

The Fundary Team and Advisors

Marcelo de FuentesCEO

Sole founder of Merc, LATAM’s largest market research company with over 800 employees and offices in 7 countries. Acquired by GFK in 2012

Passionate about the environment, Marcelo is also the owner of Ziklum, Mexico’s largest multi-layer material recycling plant.

Enrique Chávez

Chief Technology Officer

Full Stack Developer with 15 Years Experience

Solidity Lead at Fundary

CTO at BlockBliss

Jaime Sánchez

Chief Evangelist

Former Leader of Microsoft's Developer Community in Mexico, Microsoft Gold Partner, Entrepreneur.

CEO of BlockBliss

Roberto Tavera

Chief Marketing Officer

10+ years working for top global corporations within different brands & industries: consumer goods, personal care, door to door leading brands. Such as Nestle, Clorox & Tupperware.

Aaron Polhamus


Stanford - BA, Public Policy, ’08

Oxford - 2008 Rhodes Scholar, MS Applied Statistics 2010.

Former CEO of Polhooper Strategic, enterprise data science consulting

CTO of Credijusto

Lieutenant in U.S. Navy Reserves

Deven Soni


Ex-Goldman Sachs, Lazard & Highland Capital investment banker & principal investor in charge of deploying over $300M of capital; currently General Partner at Wired Investors in charge of the Digital Asset & Crypto Private Equity Strategy.

Advisor for multiple blockchain companies.

Oscar Mejía


20 years of experience in transnational consumer companies such as Unilever, Tupperware and TFF.

Last 6 years performing high direction roles with more experience in the financial area, including IT and HR areas and lately in the Commercial area.

Wired Investors

Acquisition Partner

A private equity firm specializing in the purchase and management of digital assets.


Technology Partner

Multi-disciplinary blockchain and solidity development firm.


Funding Partner

One of the Leading Small Business Lenders in Mexico.


Integration Partner

Revolutionary blockchain based credit scoring through P2P staking.


Integration Partner

LATAM’s first Mobile Point of Sale System that accepts cryptocurrency.


Integration Partner

Mexico-based car leasing service.

What is the FAN Token

Holder’s of FAN tokens have the exclusive right to access the Fundary Ambassador Network, where they can:

  • Originate & insure new loans from their social or business network
  • Issue Prepaid Fundary Cards to their network
  • Access Exclusive Rewards

Operating Roadmap